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Poetry like prose is one of the basic types of art expression, which is of great importance in the world of literature from different eras and generations. Since ancient times, since the middle ages and ending with the recent past, poetry is manifested in all spheres of human life: at home, at work, or even at war.

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Lyrics or a novel in verse, drama or a poem is, first and foremost, a poem, which differ from the prose by the ways of organization of artistic speech and rhythm structure. In poetry the interaction of poetry forms with words creates subtle shades and shifts of artistic meaning. Many word-smiths share their joy, sorrow, admiration, emotion, wisdom, courage or fear with the help of poetry.

Poetry is not only beautiful, it is also diverse. Such works as haiku or tanka can be also called poetry, despite the fact that they have no rhyme and a particular rhythm. These “free poems” also show the same human feelings, beauty, nature. In other words, poetry is life, a dream, the expression of emotions, feelings, thoughts. A person may not have a favorite poet, but everyone has a poem that didn’t leave him indifferent.

This is the basic idea in the subject for your poetry essay.

You should pay attention to the fact when an essay was written.

  1. It is worth noting that in the Humanities there is no absolutely right or wrong answers to the questions, as it happens in physics or mathematics – there are only more or less reasoned point of view.
  1. Final mark (score) for an essay is, as a rule, affixed for the ideas, the own judgments of students and their reasoning.
  1. When nominating your own position, the spotlight is:

– ability (possibility) of the student critically and independently assess the range of data and viewpoints/arguments of others;

– the ability to understand, evaluate and establish communication between the key moments of any problems and issues;

– the ability to differentiate what is more and what is less important;

– ability to understand analytical approaches and models;

– willingness to differentiate opposite approaches and models and their application to empirical material, discussions about the fundamental issues.

  1. Those works which have short, clear and simple structure, win.

What you should avoid when writing an essay:

  1. Misunderstanding of the essence of the declared theme.
  1. The lack of structure in the presentation.
  1. Inability to stick to answering the main question (lengthy distractions from the topic).
  1. The use of rhetoric (statements) instead of reasoning (evidence).
  1. Careless operating data, including excessive generalization.
  1. Too extensive descriptive part, not supported by analytic material.
  1. Presentation of other points of view without reference to the authors of these ideas, and without statements of your own position.
  1. Unnecessary repeats.

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