Help me with an essay about smoking

Do you know how to write essays? It’s not as simple as it seems to be — although a lot of works have written during the school years and a lot of them you will write, in order to help your grown up children. In the framework of the fight against the spread of smoking, students of schools and specialized secondary educational institutions are frequently asked to write an essay about the dangers of smoking. How to do it right? Get Paid Essay Here.

First — a bit about why the ability to write an essay is considered a necessary skill not only in school curricula. Writing teaches you to learn — and this is one of the foundations of modern education. Do not invest information and skills, but learn to seek out something important, integral, and problematic, which is the foundation of knowledge.

Essay teaches us to comprehend the fact (or facts), arises a desire to enter into a dialogue, a dispute, or to express a reasoned consent. It reveals the foundation that is present in every person and often hidden, awakens the ability to pass material through yourself, to adapt it to your own inner world, or vice versa, not to allow it inside.

Write an essay about smoking

Wittingly or unwittingly, a writer of an essay leads problem analysis of the situation, compares it with their own outlook, and finds ways of solving problems or gives reasons to their disagreement. That is, in the process of writing essays you develop thinking, ability to relate yourself of, your own “I” with the outside world.

From the point of view of speech development, an essay is priceless. The ability to set a goal, choose adequate arguments or counterarguments, to find abstracts, citations, data confirming them in the modern realities are very important skills and abilities.

A composition about the dangers of smoking is written in the genre of an essay. Essay is considered to be a special literary genre. It is characterized by the expression of your own thoughts, personal interpretation of the issues. An essay as a composition about the dangers of smoking can and even must reflect the author’s attitude to the chosen topic, namely smoking. Here are just some possible topics for this issue( i.e., topics of a composition about the dangers of smoking):

– “Smoking: fashion or lifestyle?”;

“I don’t smoke because…”;

– “All I’ve heard about the dangers of smoking for me.”

An essay about the dangers of smoking can be an excellent way of preventing child and adolescent smoking. Equally valuable fact is that through writing you can see the position of the author at the lit subject, which will be the base for further work with children. Unfortunately, the current trend to reduce the number of compositions during the training period reduces the ability to teach students to think analytically, constructively, conclusively.

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