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Example of essay on slavery.

When it comes to slavery, the imagination takes us in the times of the pharaohs to the still unfinished pyramids, the erection of which from morning till night under the scorching sun is done by thousands of slaves.

Modern-day slavery looks different. There are, of course, and nowadays people getting into real physical bondage. But most modern slaves are difficult to identify. A lot of them are without even knowing it.

People are comfortable when smb decide instead of them what government will be, what society will be, what place you should take in it, how to behave and what to do throughout their life.

Some people get unnecessary degree and later do work that they don’t like. And it’s bad if this activity does not bring them pleasure. But it often happens that such activities are affected by others. These are members of the family to whom the poor employee returns after a hard work day (after all, the worst job is not fun), and strangers, faced with negligence and incompetence. It is terrible to think that such a person works, for example, as a doctor, teacher, architect, and his work directly affects the lives of people.

In all of these situations we should blame not only parents, relatives, teachers, but also the man himself. After all, your life can completely change at any time. You just need to know what actually you want to do in the future, and whether your activity at the moment will bring you happiness and help fulfill your dreams.

Main ideas to include in an essay about slavery

It is always better not to be a slave, no matter whether the person lives now or lived thousands of years ago, but you have to make some efforts for the liberation. Nowadays, in times of non-physical slavery, it is not necessary to dump heavy iron shackles, to run away from the torturer or the slave owner. Today escape from slavery means to attach much moral and mental effort.  

The opposite phenomenon of slavery is freedom. It will hardly cause unpleasant sensations and association to anyone, for many people it is a feeling of bliss, independence when you don’t owe anyone anything. But it is actually not so simple. Freedom is a big responsibility. A free man decides everything himself, and it’s not easy. After all, you need to go on a beaten track. You need to pave the way, to organize your life according to the rules and established traditions. This means, to be constantly in danger and ignorance. This is the path of brave and resolute men, but it is the only way when a person gets everything.

You can dress “couture” or become a great designer and not be a slave to fashion, but its creator. You can dream about the ticket to the concert of a favorite singer, but it is possible to become a star. It is easy and comfortable to be a slave to traditions, habits, established ideology, and public opinion. In such circumstances, man will be always understood and supported; it is easy to find like-minded people. It is very difficult to face the society, to be an outcast, not like everyone else that is lonely. But such people make history, move progress, create masterpieces, these people are admired. Which path to choose – everyone decides for themselves, because freedom of choice is freedom, available to everyone.

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