Guide on writing your essay about Summer Days

Writing such an essay is an obligatory stage in the teaching of any schoolboy. Even your parents faced with the need to tensely recall the events of the past holidays, while trying to exclude from the essay those moments that the teacher would not approve of. This guide will help you write a good work, not overloaded with unnecessary details and not revealing all the subtleties of your personal life.

Step 1:

The first paragraph can generally not touch you personally, dedicate it to the summer. Write what a beautiful time it is, how sorry you are that it passed, what a sunny and blossoming time it was. The paragraph can be quite large, which will allow them to occupy a significant part of the work. At the end of the paragraph, you can add a phrase from the Russian classics – good, about the summer pore did not write only the lazy.

Submission of essay about Summer

It’s best to write an essay about summer in a draft, and then rewrite it in a notebook cleanly – oddly enough, this will only save you time if you need to add or swap some phrases.

Step 2:

Now you will still have to split a little about what you did in the summer. You can write, for example, that at the beginning of the holidays you were at home, slept well, read a lot and went for a walk. The weather was good, sunny. In general, write more about the weather, the sun or rain, the temperature this summer – this will give your work a summer atmosphere.

Step 3:

Then write that after that it’s time for active rest. This will be the main part of your essay, here you should write where you went on vacation. Sea, forest, mountains, other cities? Depending on the place, again pay more attention to the description of nature. The sea is blue, warm, many bathed. The mountains are high and snow-covered, you learned mountaineering. In other cities you have made many friends. Write the truth, but try to get rid of common phrases in order to avoid excessive attention of the teacher to your creation – unless, of course, you have a directly opposite task.

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Step 4:

If you did not go anywhere at all, you’ll have to talk about how much you’ve been walking. Perhaps you were at the dacha? Tell us about the villa, vegetables in the garden and fishing in the nearest pond. Were in the city, roller-blading and biking? Tell us about this, as well as how many friends have been doing this together with you. If you still went to rest, this information can still be added, it will not be superfluous.

Step 5:

If you, like most modern schoolchildren, spend most of the summer at a computer, you can write about this too. But it will be enough just a couple of phrases – that you used the Internet at the computer, talked a lot, learned new interesting information and played development games (after all, games develop in one way or another, right?)

Step 6:

Finally, write that the autumn season is coming, and although you are sad that the summer is over, you were eagerly awaiting the return to school, meetings with old friends and classmates. If this is really not true, write about the beauty of the golden autumn and the fact that it was also sung by poets. It also does not hurt the quote from the classics, which you can adequately complete your composition.

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