Guide on Writing essay about School

Students in the class often have to write essays on a wide variety of topics. For example, they can be given the task of writing an essay about their school! Such a topic at the first minute may lead to a dead end: well, really, the most ordinary school, which many. What is there to write about!


  1. Begin the composition with the statement of simple, well-known facts: “Our school number … is … I have been studying in it for so many years.” After that, you can smoothly go to the main part: “At first glance, our school may seem the most ordinary, nothing remarkable. However … “And start to list what is special about your school, thanks to which it is dear to you.
  2. Suppose, it is in this educational institution that the very good, highly qualified teacher, known far beyond your city, has been teaching for many years. His lessons you really like, because he explains his subject so interesting and exciting! Then be sure to write about this teacher. Try only to observe a reasonable measure: that your words look exactly as a manifestation of sincere respect for the deserved person, and not as flattery, servility.
  3. Perhaps, in this school, a famous man was trained, for example, a famous scientist, a writer? Feel free to write about this. If there is a commemorative plaque in the school hall or near the teacher’s room with his biography and description of merits, briefly describe what episodes in the life of this person made the greatest impression on you.
  4. Also you can write that you like the school, because it is well-placed extra-curricular work: there are sports sections, circles of interest. Be sure to tell about it, specifying which sections or circles you go to, what they attract you to. Teachers will be pleased to learn that their efforts are appreciated.
  5. In the end, the school can be dear to you as a place where you meet your friends every day! Do not be shy, frankly write about them. After all, thanks to the school you became friends, became close people.

How to write my essay about School?

It is advisable to start an essay with a clear and clear definition of your personal position.

Already in the next sentence it is appropriate to formulate an understanding of the statement that has become the theme of the essay. It is not necessary to repeat word for word the statement, which became the theme of the essay. It is important to formulate its main idea, so that the context that determines its content becomes obvious he bulk of the essay is a relatively detailed presentation of one’s own opinion on the problem posed. Every thesis must be substantiated reasonably, using facts and examples from public life and personal social experience.

The final sentence (paragraph) sums up the work. Sometimes it is appropriate to list the issues that are related to the topic, but remained undisclosed, or point out aspects and relationships in which the problem under consideration acquires a new dimension.

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